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The Master’s Degree Programme in International Relations (REL) provides you with an advanced and highly-qualified education in political, legal, economic, and historical disciplines from a global perspective.

As you engage in this two-year learning experience, you will have the opportunity to pursue a broad range of coursework in academic fields such as conflict resolution and crisis management, human rights and international crimes, transnational economic relations and globalization, cultural diversity and environmental law, geopolitical systems and cross-border social processes. The Master's Degree in International Relations offers analytical knowledge of the aforementioned subjects in terms of political history, legal, economic and social aspects.

The programme provides four curricula: “Diplomazia e organizzazioni internazionali” (curriculum A) and “Commercio internazionale e integrazione europea” (curriculum B) are taught in Italian, whereas “International Politics and Regional Dynamics” (curriculum C) and “International Cooperation and Human Rights” (curriculum D) are taught entirely in English. Students can select a curriculum and structure their individual study plan based on their academic background and future goals.

Our faculty focuses on equipping students with multidisciplinary and versatile knowledge that proves crucial for their future careers. Under this perspective, we value the ability to work with and benefit from diverse disciplines across the social sciences to ensure our students have access to the appropriate tools to tackle the greatest political questions of our time.

Teaching takes place in small classes, in order for you to interact and benefit from a close collaboration with our faculty members.

Courses are conceived to unpack leading approaches to analytical and methodological standards and you will be encouraged to develop a sense of inquiry, critique, and argument.

Amidst the vital and essential features of this study programme are: an internship, which signifies the crucial moment in which the theoretical knowledge acquired in class is transposed into practice; the study of English, also by means of the teaching modules and thematic courses delivered in this language; and the study of a second foreign language (students may choose between Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, German, French and Spanish). The programme will be further enriched by workshops and seminars held by external experts. Scholarships are available, as well as various facilities for part-time students. We also provide Italian language courses for foreigners and language certificates through the Language Centre of the University of Milan (SLAM). 

OPEN DAY International Relations


On Tuesday, 4 June 2024, at 16:30, the presentation of the MSc in International Relations will take place in Room 4, Via Conservatorio 7.

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BiblioDOC is an e-learning course on transversal information skills, which is part of the 2022-2024 Strategic Plan's objectives for education.

It is aimed at all students, especially undergraduates.



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The University of Milan offers the entire university community hygiene and first-aid products, such as band-aids, sanitary pads, disinfectant and sterile dressings. These products are given out for free on a need basis, upon request.

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Programme quality
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Students and teachers participate in programme quality policies through regular monitoring and assessment activities based on indicators provided by the Ministry of Education (MIUR).

As Quality Assurance policies and procedures are student-centred. Inline with this the University has provided a training course divided into 4 modules for the students of the University.

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Via Conservatorio 7 - 20122 Milano (MI)
Via Conservatorio 7 - 20122 Milano (MI)
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